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I, hereby authorize All Generations Transport Services to request & receive from all prior employers within one year of the date of this application, and & all pertinent information concerning my prior employment & its termination including the reason for such termination. I hereby state that all the foregoing information I have supplied is a true & complete statement of the facts. False statements contained in this application an immediate cause for dismissal. I further give permission for All Generations to verify all schooling & references and to perform all necessary background screening tests pursuant to Federal and State laws and policies and procedures. In compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act & the Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act, and the applicable laws of Florida, this notice is to inform you that consumer reports including credit bureau reports, motor vehicle reports, criminal reports, drug tests, consumer investigations, and medical information may be obtained in connection with our registration. If obtained, this consumer report may be used in making decisions concerning your registration status with this company. I understand and it has been fully disclosed to me that I am an Independent contractor with All Generations Transport Services, Therefor, I am not entitled to benefits such as workers compensation coverage or unemployment compensation coverage. I also understand that All Generations Transport Services will not be responsible for deducting any taxes, Federal, State or local, from my pay advance on or on behalf of All Generations Transport Services. I will be issued a 1099 form at the end of the year.
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